Dr. Yaniv ErlichChief Science Officer
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Beginning of quote:MyHeritage's genetic and genealogy datasets create a unique vantage point over the landscape of the human genome. It is breathtaking End of quote.
Dr. Yaniv Erlich is a DNA scientist of world renown with multiple publications in Nature and Science. At MyHeritage, Yaniv oversees all aspects of DNA scientific research and innovation, which are the backbone of MyHeritage DNA. Yaniv's first collaboration with MyHeritage took place back in 2012, while he was working on a project to harness the World Family Tree at Geni for groundbreaking scientific research. Impressed with the company's commitment to scientific research, Yaniv advised MyHeritage in 2016, providing the company with his invaluable expertise during preparations for the launch of MyHeritage DNA. As of February 2017 he joined the company to serve as its Chief Science Officer.

Prior to joining MyHeritage, Yaniv founded DNA.land, a project he conducted under the auspices of his position as Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Computational Biology at Columbia University, and as a Core Member at the New York Genome Center. He was also previously the principal investigator and a Whitehead Fellow at MIT's Whitehead Institute.

Yaniv, nicknamed the Genome Hacker by Nature.com, was the first to undertake a massive-scale, crowdsourced, genetics analysis. He recognizes human genetics as a powerful tool in the authentic charting of family history. Yaniv completed his Ph.D. at the Watson School of Biological Sciences at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2010, and has won numerous awards as a cutting-edge scientist, including the Burroughs Wellcome Career Award (2013), the Harold M. Weintraub Award (2010), DRAPA's Young Faculty Award (2017) and the IEEE/ACM-CS HPC Award (2008). He was also recognized as one of 2010 Tomorrow's PIs team of Genome Technology.

In the rare moments he’s not found in his lab, Yaniv enjoys orienteering and spending time with his two children.